Monday, March 29, 2010

Update from Mommy

Timmy spent some time with Grady this evening. He had a good day and is continuing to gain weight. I was able to spend a couple of hours with Grady on Saturday and Sunday. I got to hold him during his feedings. The nurse informed me that Grady is a good boy and obeys all of the rules. I thought that was so funny! He is sure to let the nurses know what he wants though. He likes to lay a certain way and fusses when he doesn't get his way. He must get that from his Dad. On Saturday, I changed his diaper not once, but three times after his feeding. I guess his bowels are working just fine. He gets that from his Dad too!

It has been tough trying to juggle everything, but we are hanging in there. I am hoping that Emma will get to meet her baby brother in the next couple of weeks. She talks about him all of the time and can't wait for him to come home. Neither can we! Please keep the prayers coming and thank you for keeping up with our Grady AKA Peanut.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grady's first Graduation

Saturday, Grady graduated to a new room. As the babies, in the NICU, improve, they move from their first room to another room. He still has all of his monitors, but his 'room' is more like a room now. His first stop was more like an emergency room nursery. He continues to be assisted with the respirator, but is doing very well. I can't wait to get to see his entire little face without those contraptions attached to him, but I will wait since they are still needed.
This weekend, Suzanna spent several hours each day, holding Grady. Saturday, she and Grady took a short nap together. I am so glad she is getting to do some of the things Mommys do with their newborns. Today, she got to hold him while he ate his 20 mls. Yes, this is another increase in his feedings. Did I tell you that he is fed every three hours? Mommy says, 'Grady is liking his groceries.' Suzanna has a little story to tell about all those groceries. Be sure and ask her, when you see her. More great news, Grady is now over 2 lbs.
I spent a few minutes with my grandson, this afternoon. If I have forgotten to tell you, he is PRECIOUS. This weekend, I got to spend time with Emma. Siblings still can not go see their tiny baby brothers or sisters. But the minute RSV season is over and they are allowed to go in, Emma is ready to go meet her baby brother.
As always, we all want to thank you for your prayers, thoughts and kind words. Tim and Suzanna are working and driving back and forth to spend time with Grady. This is a lot of highway hours so please keep them in your prayers, also.
Talk soon,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two weeks and three days

I saw my precious grandson today. He is doing well. The nurse told us he is up to 1 lb. 15 oz. The increase in his feedings has helped this. Grady is so sweet. He likes to peak out of one eye when Suzanna talks. As he layed on Momma's chest this afternoon, he would peak at her, then close his eyes and relax. His little face will smooth over and he will get calm when she talks to him. He has many machines that beep and click and warn the nurses, if he is having an issue. As we learn more about what they are for and what they represent, I can watch his saturation levels to see how happy he is. Today, laying on Suzanna's chest, he kept his levels between 97% and 100%. One thing nice about him having the respirator assistance is that you can see more of his little face. The tubing is still in the way some, but not as much as the large blue piece they had attached to his face in the beginning. It is good to see them together. Besides, I get to touch him. And smell him. He is absolutely, the most adorable baby up there!
Thank you for all your prayers. He is a gift from God and is in His hands.
Talk soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 2 Week Birthday Peanut

What a big day! Grady is 2 weeks old and I got to hold him for the first time! He was so content laying on my chest. I am in love! He is eating 15ml of milk per feeding, which is about 1/2 of an oz and now weighs more than he did at birth. He also opened his eyes numberous times today to take a peek at his Mommy. Thank you to each and every one of you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Grady is a little fighter!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My precious grandson opened one eye Monday. Wednesday, when we arrived to visit him, his nurse told us that he has opened both eyes. While we were there, he peeked at his Mom. Grady had a good day. He continues to tolerate his feedings. Grady is now taking 10 milliliters of milk. His nurse tells us this is about 1/3 of an ounce. He gets this about every three hours. This is very good. Suzanna and I will go visit him again this morning. Momma will have a little bit of news and she may have a new picture to add.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grady is 1 week old

One more blessed day in the little life of our baby boy. Grady is on the CPAP today. This is a good day for him. His feeding has been increased to 8 milliliters. My little man is liking his food. Daddy says Grady likes being on his stomach. Too bad he can not stay that way. His nurse has to keep his positions changing because he can not do it himself.
As always, thank you for your prayers. Please continue to keep Grady's care givers in your prayers as well.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grady's first week

Grady's first day began at 3:49 am, Sunday morning. He was not due to join us yet, but insisted. He is 15 weeks early. All of Grady's day is spent in the NICU with his fabulous nurses. He has 'round the clock' care. He was on a ventilator the first day. By day 2, he was breathing on his with the assistance of his CPAP. Around day 5, he required the ventilator assistance again because he was getting very tired of all the work he was having to do.

Mom and Dad were told that he will drop some weight, which he did. Grady's weight in miligrams is 764 which is 1.68 lbs. When he reaches 1,000 miligrams (2.2 lbs), Mommy can hold him.

Please continue to pray for Grady as he continues to learn to live in this world. He is a fiesty little man and is working hard to learn all these strange new things. Keep his caregivers in your prayers as well.

What a blessing a day makes.

Grady's doctor scheduled a brain scan test due to some of the difficulties he was having with his breathing. The results came back very good. No brain bleeds. He appears to be doing very well.