Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grady had visitors

What a day Grady has had. He had surgery first thing Monday morning to have his internal shunt put back in. That involved three different incisions. Ouch! Little G spent the afternoon off the veny. WooHoo. He did fantastic. As you can see, he also had some visitors. This is Grady's Great Grandmother. Is she fabulous or what? Off the airplane and straight to the hospital to see her great grandson. MiMi came to visit and she was the first person to get to hold our little man, after surgery. As you can see, his surgery went as expected. The surgeon told us that we should be done with surgery and if G has a good night, he can go back to his old unit in the morning.
Well, we are back on the old unit. Do you remember TCU? Man, how great it is to know that we will work on getting this boy off the respirator and that is all we have to work on. There is physical therapy and occupational therapy, but G loves that. Remember the baby massage? Me too! Our little guy can now start working on sitting up and reaching out and getting home! We have not talked about the doctor's plans yet. Hopefully, we will know something very soon. Grady is off the respirator 8 hours a day now. He has not shown any signs of struggle and that tells us what we have always known. Grady is ready to get off that machine.
We want to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your families and loved ones. Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Talk soon,

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