Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Visitors to tell G Happy 9 months

Just about the time Grady starts growing and getting bigger, look what shows up! Now these are very Big Boys. Some of the Dallas Cowboys came to the hospital to visit the children. These boys were bearing stockings full of Cowboy stuff. The stocking is an official (clean) Dallas Cowboy sock. If you look closely over Grady's left, you will see a picture of this years Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Um, does anyone have a 10 by 12 frame Grady can borrow? Mommy will this go with his new room decor?
Our little man is doing well. He has gotten back to his 13 pounds and he is 24 inches long. His little fat dimples are disappearing. His thighs are getting longer. Little G looks skinny and long. Guess his body finally knows it is safe to grow. Grady continues to do great with his breathing. He sleeps a little more than usual, but this breathing thing is hard work. And he is eating as much as he can have. Looks like this little man is trying his best to get home for Christmas. Keep up the good work, Grady Pants.
Well, I just wanted to share some of the fun the hospital has for the children. We have been told that this time of year brings a lot of visitors to hospital.
If any of you have ever wondered if prayer really works, go back to the top and look at the little man that needed prayer and got it. We feel so blessed to have such a strong extended family. There is not way to thank you enough for your prayer and support. Hugs.
Talk soon,

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  1. This is so neat! I have been following along for the last 9 months and am so happy for how far Grady has come. We are praying for you all and hope to meet little Grady when we are home!