Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snuggling In

Well, Grady is getting all snuggled in at home. He has had three weeks to learn how to rule the roost. He is doing a great job at that in case you were wondering. As you can see, Emma and Grady enjoy the same cartoon shows. You have to know how wonderful it is to see how Emma helps take care of our little man. She is such a wonderful help. We still have to remind her that Grady can not see her when she is that close to him, but most kids want to get nose to nose when they talk to babies. My favorite story, so far, is Emma getting up the second morning Grady was home. She came into the living room where Grady was eating breakfast. With sleep still in her eyes, she walked up to me and smiled at her brother as she reached for the alcohol gel to clean her hands before she touched Grady. You think we have asked her if her hands are clean a little too much? She is such a smart one, let me tell you.
Grady is doing very well on his new formula. He is gaining weight and growing out of his 6 month footed pajamas. We have not checked his length, but he is definately getting longer. We are still watching his calorie intake. He is enjoying some of the cereals and fruits Mommy got for him. This little boy might just get the hang of the spoon feedings. Since Grady has been home, he is beginning to control his head. It helps to have this many play toys holding and carrying him around. We have noticed that Grady is very interested in his surroundings. As you walk to a different room in the house, he is checking it out. It is a new blessing every day to wake up knowing that today Grady is going to enjoy another day at home.
Thank you, thank you for being patient with us. Once we get through the RSV season, Grady will be able to have more company. It is so hard not to just call everyone up and say come meet this little boy you have been praying for. One of these days, though.... Until then, just know how much you mean to us and how very thankful we are for your love and support. Your prayers have brought this little family together.
Talk soon,

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